Fortunately for people who really like the look but not the other considerations of wood, there is an excellent, and much less expensive alternative – laminate flooring. Through highly detailed digitized photography, laminate floors of today duplicate solid wood with tremendous realism that allows for a lower initial cost. What’s more, an inner cork subfloor on some laminate products helps tone down the noise and echoing attributes associated with laminates of the past. Unlike solid wood, a laminate floor will not fade. Pets can also be a problem for solid wood flooring, where laminate, on the other hand, offers a durable wear surface that is highly stain, scratch and moisture resistant.

Because of its durability, hygienic nature, and ease of installation and maintenance, laminate floors have become a low-cost alternative to solid wood, stone and tile. Recent developments mean that specific laminates are now suitable for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Historically these were areas where laminates would not have been suitable. We are pleased to have this range in our flooring section.