Nothing compares to the natural beauty, color, intricate graining and depth of shine of a solid wood floor. Not only easy on the eye, solid wood floors tend to be warm underfoot too. Quality solid wood flooring is a big investment but will last a long time and add real value to your home. Synonymous with quality and style they bring luxurious natural warmth to any room. Solid wood comes in many colors, from nearly white to practically black and various warm shades of brown in between. There’s no doubt that solid wood floors are a great choice under the right conditions.

With solid wood flooring you are able to sand down and refinish it many times, meaning your flooring should last for many years without having to replace it. As with any floor covering, your wood floor will need to be cleaned and cared for it properly. This includes not using ammonia cleaners, oil soaps or a wet mop; using a professional solid wood floor cleaner to remove scuffs and scratches; and cleaning spills immediately. Visit our showroom to see our range of solid wood flooring from around the world.